You knew that changes would come to your body eventually. It’s no surprise to see a few wrinkles. Your body has changed as well, adding a few more curves where they didn’t used to be. You can accept that this is a part of life, but you never expected vaginal problems like dryness and irritation. You have tried different creams and asked your doctor for answers. You have been told that it’s hormonal, but you have not found relief. ThermiVa® could be the answer you have been looking for all along.

What’s Going On Down Below?

As you approach menopause, your body is in for some serious changes. Your reproductive system is getting ready to shut down. That means your reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are going to drop. These hormones are responsible for more than your sexual health. They have an impact on you in many ways. When they drop, they can lead to a thinning of the vaginal tissues. As this thinning occurs in this delicate area, dryness is typical. This dryness can cause such irritation that even your urethra is affected, causing female incontinence.

It can be so frustrating. Add the changes that occurred in the birth canal after having children and you could be in for some serious discomfort. Medication and lotions aren’t enough. You need something that will promote the development of healthy tissue in your vagina. That’s where ThermiVa® comes into play.

Understanding ThermiVa®

ThermiVa® is a non-invasive treatment that is designed to tighten your vaginal tissues and produce healthy cells as collagen production is increased. This type of therapy is designed to rejuvenate this sensitive area so that you will have increased lubrication once again. With new growth and improved elasticity, your symptoms will finally go away.

A slim, narrow wand uses radiofrequency energy that is applied to your vaginal tissues. The energy level is carefully controlled, causing a heating effect that will stimulate cell growth, circulation and collagen production. The only thing you will feel is a gentle warmth. As the tissues of your vagina are rejuvenated, you should find relief.

Learn More About ThermiVa®

If you are like so many women, you are too embarrassed to talk about your symptoms. You have been living in discomfort for too long. Vaginal dryness can have a major impact on your well-being, making you feel miserable. It is time to do something about your discomfort.

Make an appointment at Facial Aesthetic Concepts to discuss ThermiVa® with our team. Find out more about how effective this treatment option is. It is time to restore your vaginal health and feel better. Not only will it benefit you, but it will make your intimate moments more enjoyable with your partner. You owe it to yourself to learn more about the ThermiVa® difference.

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