For those considering cosmetic surgery to correct some of the signs of aging, but who aren’t ready for the commitment and recovery time of a full surgical facelift, a microlift may be exactly what you need.

A microlift is a surgical procedure that is best for people who are looking to improve the appearance of one area of the face — specifically, those who have minimal to moderate skin sagging or “laxity” around the neck, cheeks, and jawline. This area is sometimes called jowls. Microlifts are often referred to as Weekend Lifts, Lifestyle Lifts, or Quick Lifts because they take far less time to perform than traditional facelifts and also have a far shorter recovery period. Results are good, but less dramatic than an overall facelift. As such, microlifts are best for people with early, moderate signs of aging; the most common candidates for this kind of procedure are in their late 40s and 50s.

While a microlift is still a surgical procedure, it isn’t as invasive as a traditional facelift. Microlifts can be done with endoscopic technology or via more traditional incisions. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine what is the best option for you, depending on what is being done and how much surgery is needed.

In an endoscopic microlift, small incisions are made around the areas being corrected. Usually, three incisions is average. A scope is inserted into one of the incisions; this small surgical camera lets your surgeon see beneath the surface of your skin so that other surgical tools and techniques can be used to remove excess fat, reshape muscles, and re-smooth the skin over the new facial contours. If your surgeon opts for a non-endoscopic procedure, more continuous incisions will be made, but the reshaping of facial contours will be much the same. Regardless of which type of surgery is used, minimal incisions and cutting of the skin is the norm. This makes recovery time faster, decreases the length of time the actual surgery takes, and negates some of the postoperative risks and complications that can accompany traditional facelifts.

Microlifts can be done on an outpatient basis, if your surgeon determines that is best for you. The procedure generally takes less than two hours and recovery lasts around one week, with minimal discomfort post-procedure. The most common complaints are some discomfort from bruising and possibly some numbness. These effects are temporary and considered to be very minor.

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