Ear Surgery With FAC

When to Consider Getting Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or more commonly called ear surgery, is a surgery that can improve ones appearance and take away a insecurity that may have started at a young age. When your appearance is improved, you feel better about yourself. Many people decide to move forward with cosmetic surgical procedures because they know that the benefits are going to be amazing and help change their perspective on life. Let's discuss some of the reasons one would consider ear surgery:

Ears Are Too Large

Most of the time when a person is considering otoplasty, it is because their ears are bothering them to a certain degree. Some may feel that they have overly large ears. When a person has larger ears, they may feel like they don't blend in with everyone else. They may feel like they stick out. Individuals in this situation may have been made fun when they were younger and in school. These moments in life can cause insecurities which may continue to happen to them even when they are adults and in the workforce.

Ears Are Too Small

Another time when a person typically consider ear surgery, is if their ears are very small. While many people feel that having very small ears is a lot easier to hide than larger ears, this does not mean that a person who has very small ears necessarily feels comfortable with their appearance. Many different techniques can be used to increase the size of your ears in order to improve your overall appearance.

Ears Are Disproportionate To Head

If your ears are disproportionate with your head or they feel oddly placed, otoplasty may be right for you.  Or if you have ears that stick out very far, otoplasty can be used in order to pin them back. This is something that many parents consider for children who have ears that stick out very far. The surgery is simple and produces amazing results.

Ears Were Altered Due To Incident

Some individuals were perfectly happy with that ears they were born with. However, because of an accident or an injury, their ears are no longer as attractive as before. An impact may have changed the position or the shape of the ears. Ear surgery can go a long way in improving the shape of your ears.

When you have ears that you feel happy with, you are going to notice a boost in your self-confidence. It is a low-risk procedure with fantastic benefits.  We often get questions about doing an otoplasty on you children, and the answer is this can be done on young children.  When you come in or bring your young child in for a consultation, the Dr. will walk through all the steps and options with you. We will tell you about how this surgery can deliver results that last a lifetime. You will feel confident in your appearance, which will open up many opportunities for you. Contact us today to book an appointment at one of our offices in Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente or Aliso Viejo.

Have you thought about getting ear surgery before? What are reasons that you've looked into getting this surgery?