One of the most noticeable signs of aging is sagging skin on the forehead. Excess tissue beneath the skin causes large folds, as well as creases around the eyebrows and on the upper eyelids. Some mature adults often begin to experience these wrinkles if their skin has been damaged from environmental causes. This sagging skin problem can be corrected with a brow lift surgical procedure.

Endoscopic Brow Lifts

At FAC, we perform an endoscopic brow lift. This type of procedure is often recommended if the sagging skin is localized and caused by a buildup of fat or muscle tissue.

A small scope with a camera is inserted, which allows the surgeon to see where the excess tissue is located. The fatty tissue is then removed. In some cases, a small amount of muscle tissue is also removed. This allows the skin to lay flat once it is pulled upward.

How to Prepare for a Brow Lift

We recommend that our patients abstain from alcohol and certain medications for several days prior to the treatment. After the treatment is complete, the head will have to be bandaged. Because a local anesthetic is often used, someone else will have to be present to drive the patient home.

Prior to surgery, patients receive complete instructions on how to care for the skin in the days that follow. In most cases, the discomfort felt after the surgery can be eased simply by applying ice packs to the forehead. We usually prescribe medication, as well.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

This is not a permanent fix for sagging forehead skin, but the results often last for more than two years. If the lift is performed in combination with a facelift procedure, the entire face will become more smooth, with less noticeable wrinkling on the cheeks, jaws and upper neck, as well as on the forehead.

Unlike skin resurfacing techniques, such as chemical peels and plumping fillers, a brow lift smooths out the skin by repositioning it. This is not to be confused with epidermal ablation, however. A brow lift pulls all of the skin layers upward, and this is why the positive results generally last longer.

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