BLU-U is an innovative treatment which can help you fight back against acne. Since BLU-U therapy uses light and doesn’t require drugs, the side effects aren’t nearly as harsh, and depending on your situation, the results can be great.

BLU-U therapy effectively targets the bacteria that cause acne, which are known as P. acne. The treatment is simple and requires the use of blue light in order to kill the unwanted bacteria.

BLU-U Therapy Compared to Topical Treatments

Although topical treatments can work well for combating acne, they’re not ideal for everyone. Unlike other topical treatments, BLU-U light therapy doesn’t take weeks to deliver results. Another reason why many patients prefer BLU-U therapy over topical treatments is because light therapy doesn’t require daily use of topical applications.

A Look at BLU-U Therapy

During the procedure, which is performed in the comfort of our office, a blue light is positioned near your face. You’ll need to wear a pair of goggles (provided) during the treatment, which is very safe. The blue light doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The treatment is based on narrow-band, high-intensity blue light, and it’s effective for treating mild to moderate acne. The device that produces the blue light doesn’t use a laser or UV rays. The P. acnes that cause acne live inside of your skin’s sebaceous glands, and they’re known to cause acne breakouts. Depending on your situation, we might add a special agent to your skin, which makes the blue light more effective.

What About the Results?

When you’re finished with the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily routine, and for optimal results, you need to undergo a series of regularly scheduled treatments. Many patients notice a major improvement in their acne for several months, but to sustain the results, we recommend undergoing maintenance treatments.

If you’re dealing with unwanted changes in skin tone or texture, you could benefit from BLU-U therapy. It’s also a top treatment option for active acne, non-pitted acne scars and large pores. Whether you’d like to fight back against sun-damaged skin, actinic keratoses or acne, BLU-U therapy can likely help.

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