The facelift procedure is the ultimate way for you to rejuvenate your appearance. It is designed to get rid of sagging skin on your face. Since the excess skin is removed, you are going to get fantastic results. Your entire face will be lifted which means you are going to look younger. Others are going to notice how radiant you appear.

When to Look Into Getting a Facelift

If you are interested in a facelift, you may have already looked into or tried other cosmetic procedures. It is very common for many of our patients to have used dermal fillers, BOTOX® and/or a variety of other skin rejuvenation procedures in order to look their best. However, there usually comes a time when a person no longer gets the results that they want using these non-invasive or minimally-invasive techniques. It is at this point when people start looking into and getting more information about a facelift.

Things to Consider

It is important for you to want to get this procedure done for yourself. Ensure this is not a decision based on pressure by others. This is a surgical procedure that requires preparation and some downtime. In order for you to be fully satisfied with the results, you personally need to be ready for it.

What to Expect for Results

You may be wondering how much younger you will actually look after the procedure. There have been a variety of studies done in which patients look anywhere from 5 to 10 years younger. Not only will you look younger after the procedure, but it also helps continue to battle the aging process. After a facelift, you will want to protect your investment in using skin rejuvenation procedures to maintain your results. The great thing about a facelift is that we are going to address excess skin on your face and then lift and tighten it.

Consultation Time

Everything starts with a consultation. When you come in for the first consultation, we are going to ask you what it is that you do not like about your appearance. What methods you have used in the past in order to rejuvenate your appearance. As well as asking about your overall health. While a facelift is safe and has been performed thousands of times, we will go over all the facts. We will help you to learn more about what the procedure will entail and how you need to prepare for it.

If you are tired of not getting great results using non-invasive cosmetic procedures, a facelift can give you what you need to help you look your best. At FACE, our experts will be happy to answer all of the questions you have about the facelift procedure and explain what it can do for you. We have offices in San Clemente, Aliso Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.