It is very unlikely that you will ever hear a person say that they like their double chin. In fact, there are individuals out there who are so bothered by their double chin that it causes them to feel very self conscience. For some, it even causes them to wear clothing that help hide their double chin. This doesn’t have to be you. A neck lift may be just what you’ve been looking for to eliminate your double chin.

When To Consider A Neck Lift

A neck lift is a perfect way to get rid of a double chin that is the result of excess skin or a mixture of excess skin and excess fat. The vast majority of individuals who have had a neck lift are very happy with the results. They love the way that they look and feel after the procedure is done. They have much more confidence and feel like they are a completely new person. In many cases, they even look younger, since loose skin and also be tightened during the procedure.

What To Expect

It is important to emphasize that a neck lift is a surgical procedure. For one thing, this means that you need to have good overall health in order to qualify for the treatment. When you come in for your initial consultation, we are going to ask you a lot of questions about your health and any medications you may take. We also want to be sure that you are fully aware of what the procedure can really do for you. Some individuals have surgical procedures done in order to improve their appearance for others. When they do not get the positive reaction that they expected, they feel disappointed. So, you must also have good psychological health in order to qualify for a neck lift.

Next Steps

The more you can learn about a neck lift, the better. This is going to help you to understand how you will look after treatment and what you can do in order to put yourself in the best position to heal afterward. During a consultation at Facial Aesthetic Concepts, our team can address whatever questions or concerns you may have about this procedure as they determine if it is right for you. We have offices in San Clemente, Aliso Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!