There has been a gradual shift over the past two decades in the way that people look at health, youth, and beauty. Fewer people are content with growing old gracefully, as it were. People are willing to take steps to improve their appearance and maintain their youthful vigor for as long as they possibly can. As a result, more people see procedures like facelifts and extended microlifts as a normal part of their healthcare as they age.

What is an Extended Microlift?

An extended microlift is a procedure that allows patients who have moderate sagging in their neck and jawline to contour their face, giving them a more youthful appearance. An extended microlift does not address all of the problems that a complete facelift would. It is designed for patients who need minimal treatment around their jaw and neck in order to regain their youthful appearance.

The results achieved by an extended microlift are similar to those achieved with a facelift. The difference is that with an extended microlift, the patient needs less work to meet their aesthetic goals. The incisions used during the procedure as well as the recovery time are shorter than with a traditional facelift.

During the extended microlift procedure, subtle incisions are made that allow the surgeon to gain access to the layer of muscle underneath the skin for repositioning.

Prior to this procedure, a patient will receive general or sedation anesthesia. Once the procedure has been completed, a patient will have minimal discomfort as well as bruising and swelling that will clear up in 7 to 10 days. On average, sutures are removed one week following the procedure. And within two weeks, most patients feel comfortable enough to get back to a normal routine.

A Traditional Facelift

During the procedure, a surgeon will make incisions around the temple. From there, the surgeon will begin to reshape the muscles. Once the procedure has been completed, the skin is closed using sutures. Recovery time may vary.

A facelift procedure can be accompanied by eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or other cosmetic surgeries. Speak with a surgeon regarding other procedures that may be beneficial alongside a facelift.

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Both an extended microlift and a traditional facelift can address problems that accompany aging. It is best to consult a surgeon when determining which procedure is right for you. Contact Facial Aesthetic Concepts today to schedule your consultation.