Correction of “smile lines” are a common request among patients seeking to improve their overall facial appearance. The smile lines typically begin in the mid to late 30’s, secondary to global fat loss in our face. As we lose facial volume, the skin has less support, which results in the descent of the cheek skin toward our lower face. Retaining ligaments in the face attach our skin to the underlying facial skeleton around our mouth which result in nasolabial folds, lateral smile lines, and marionette lines. However, our face is dynamic and cannot be treated as a static structure. Anytime filler is placed, it is important to assess the face at rest and with animation in order to optimize results and prevent overcorrection. The smile lines have traditionally been a difficult area to treat non-surgically due to the potential for overcorrection, harshness with movement or an unnatural appearance. Instead, correction has been focused on filling the upper face to lift the cheek skin, resulting in the softening.

Several new fillers have become approved for use this year which give us expanded ability to correct these difficult to treat areas. Restylane Defyne is a new hyaluronic acid filler available and enables correction of smile lines at both resting state and with animation. Restylane Defyne is unique in its ability to provide deep soft tissue augmentation in the lower cheek, while maintaining natural softness with movement such as smiling and laughing. The filler is distinctive because it is stabilized with XpresHAn Technology which allows for deep soft tissue correction of moderate to severe lines and folds while retaining flexibility for movement.  An average correction will last one year and can be repeated as needed for optimal correction.

It is important to remember that not all smile lines can be corrected with filler. When significant tissue laxity is present, the best results may be achieved with a combination of treatments, such as volume replacement and a lower face lift. For early smile lines, skin resurfacing with collagen stimulating treatments can be corrective. To determine candidacy for smile line correction, a consultation is recommended to identify and guide the appropriate treatment.

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