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Kiss Those Sun Spots Goodbye

By: Nikki Bahash Reynolds

Despite our best efforts, we can all spend a little too much time in the sun, especially during the summer in southern California. That sun exposure can cause discoloration in the skin, breaking down of collagen and elastin and is the leading cause of premature aging. Wearing a good form of sun protection whether it’s clothing or sunblock is very important, but it still doesn’t completely eliminate UV radiation from penetrating the skin, and that cumulative build up of damage will manifest itself,  sometimes years later. At Facial Aesthetic Concepts we offer a range of treatments and products that work t

o reverse and repair damage caused by UV radiation.

One of

the biggest concerns most people have is skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. This happens w

hen our melanocytes, or pigment producing cells, produce more pigment in specific areas than others. Sometimes this increase in pigment production is temporary, like a tan or a brown spot left over after a bur

n or injury to the skin. This pigment production is part of the skin’s defense mechanism.


Our skin tans to try to protect from UV radiation or other injuries, and those with naturally darker skin tend to be more reactive or sensitive to this. This pigment production is from a specific event and will fade as the trigger is gone and our skin naturally sheds those pigmented cells, or we can expedite that process by exfoliating. There are other types of hyperpigmentation that are more long lasting or temperamental. Melasma is characterized by larger, darker patches of pigment. This can manifest on different areas of the face and body and is usually triggered internally (by hormones /genetics) and can be made worse by heat, inflammation or injury and sun exposure. Other forms of sundamage like solar lentigens (flat brown spots) or poikiloderma (reddish-brown  pigmentation) is caused from repetitive exposure where damage cumulatively builds and results in discoloration of the skin. This type of discoloration, if untreated, will remain or worsen and not fade with natural exfoliation.

Once pigment is produced in the skin the only way to eliminate it is by removing the pigmented cells. We can do this by exfoliating with home products like acids and retinols or with stronger chemical peels, light therapies (IPL) and lasers (Fractional CO2). The deeper the pigment is, the more exfoliation or resurfacing you have to do to get it all off. The problem with long term sun damage and melasma is that the pigment is very deep, and the melanocytes are primed to just keep over producing pigment in that area. So essentially if all you’re doing is exfoliating; you are fighting a losing battle. That’s where lighteners come in.

Lighteners work with the melanocytes to regulate and normalize pigment production. That way if you exfoliate some existing pigment off, you’re not just making some more right in its place. Hydroquinone is a very popular and effective lightener, and there are many other effective natural lightening ingredients, like Niacinamide, Kojic Acid, Emblica, Vit. C, etc. We offer many amazing lightening products like  Lytera 2.0, Even Tone Pads, Lightening Complex Rx and Ultra Lightening Complex Rx. All of these on their own will work to lighten pigment at the source, but it’s important to remember you still have to take off the existing pigment the reveal the lighter, more evenly toned skin underneath. So many people give up when they don’t see instant changes, even though the product is working underneath. For the best and fastest results, pretreat with a lightener and then do a recommended resurfacing treatment to take off existing pigment.  Continue to use the lightener to maintain results and prevent future damage. Using a lightener once is not a cure to hyperpigmentation; it is a treatment and must continue to be used to be effective, just like SPF or taking a vitamin. It only works when you use it! And you must still protect your skin with protective clothing and sunblock.

To find out what lightening product and treatment combination is best suited for you call our offices to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our providers, and check out our promos for a great deal on Lytera 2.0!

How To Lose Stubborn Fat and Tighten Skin

With summer coming to an end and the winter season approaching, a season of eating and layering clothing, you don’t have to lose your summer body. Take advantage of our offers for the following treatments to get your body started on looking the way you would like, with NO downtime.

We often have patients come in thinking they need to lose fat, when really the most dramatic improvement can be achieved by tightening skin.  A consultation to assess concerns and identify goals can help you gain an understanding of the underlying cause(s) of your concerns and the options available that can provide the most dramatic improvement.  We offer complimentary consultations with our medical professionals.  Whether you are interested in contouring stubborn fat pockets or tightening loose and crepey skin, we have the solutions that will get you the result you are seeking.

CoolSculpting is the most popular non-surgical body contouring treatment in the country.  We are in the top 150 practices in the country with Allergan, and this treatment has the highest level of patient satisfaction of any treatment we offer. Our variable contour applicators allow us to customize our treatments for sculpting patient curves and reaching stubborn fat areas. With no downtime and outstanding results call today to start your body contouring, with a free consultation.

Pellefirm and Thermage use radio frequency energy to tighten the skin of the body and face.  Remarkable results can be seen with just one treatment.  Tighter skin of the tummy, thighs, arms, and face is possible with no downtime.  Crepey loose skin can be smoothed by stimulating collagen production and tightening your skin naturally.

Thermage Eyes is a unique treatment that specifically focuses on the skin of the Upper Eyelids.  The treatment uses a shallow depth heating with radio frequency energy to tighten sagging eyelid skin.
Botox and Fillers are the most common treatments that produce a remarkable result with little to no downtime.  Whether its frown lines, smile lines or just general wrinkles, Botox and fillers smooth the signs of ‘maturity’ and keep you looking great.
Did you know that FAC uses more Botox and filler than anyone in Orange County?  Our team is highly experienced and will give you the ‘look you want’.