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3 ways CoolSculpting just got better

CoolSculpting is a great treatment for those stubborn fat areas that are hard to lose. Even if you work out and eat right you may still notice stubborn fat. It is FDA Cleared, a non-surgical, and has little to no downtime. Patients may see results after just one session, and continue to see better results after each session as you look to the images on the right as an example. The CoolSculpting treatment was born when it was realized cold can selectively affect and eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting can be treated in various areas, we recommend you come in for a complimentary consultation and have on of our providers assess your concerned areas in order to provide you with the most beneficial treatment plan to achieve your goals. We recommend you be able to pinch an inch of fat in order to receive this treatment, as we often notice some patients concerns tend to be lose skin, in that case we also provide tightening treatments that one of our provides could recommend.

At Facial Aesthetic Concepts we offer you the ability to Dual Sculpt, this is being able to treat two areas at one time. We have 4 systems, 9 different applicators to treat your different areas of concerns. Some of the areas we are able to treat with different applicators are Stomach, Arms, Chin, Flanks, and Thighs. Dual sculpting is another way we reduce your treatment time by being able to treat both sides at once, if Dual Sculpting is applicable to the area you want treated. The image below shows the way the dual sculpting can be applied to your body. You also have the option to earn points through Brilliant Distinctions!


Shorter Treatment Times Just 35 min.

The treatment times are cut down to nearly half the time of our original CoolSculpting treatments from 60 minutes to 35 minutes. The reason for this is due to the cup design of the CoolAdvantage and the colder temperature it reaches. With the CoolAdvantage the temperatures get to the target quicker than before. This is a huge benefit for those who have busy schedules

Greater Patient Comfort

During a study population Patients report 45% improvement in comfort scores during treatment with the CoolAdvantage applicator, along with a reduction in bruising.

Better Results

With the CoolAdvantage more tissue is able to be treated, as the new design provides a larger cooling area. With the previous cup design the center of the area being treated wasn’t as effective in targeting the whole fat that is within the cup, as the CoolAdvantage is able to target. If you look at the images to the right the lines provide a visual to the areas that weren’t being treated previously to the areas that are being targeted with the CoolAdvantage.



Your Eyes CAN Lie!

No other facial feature can misrepresent your “inner cheer” more than your eyes.  The eyes can tell the story of a person without saying a word and can be one of the most attractive qualities about a person. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the story being told by your eyes may not be true. 

Have you ever been asked, “is something wrong,” or told you look “tired” when neither of those is true?  This can be due to the changes that occur in the structure of the bone and tissue surrounding the eyes. 

As we age, changes in bony structures and the fat beneath our skin result in what we perceive as aging and the dreaded “tired” eyes.  The good news is that several easy options are available to restore the contours that give a refreshed looking appearance to the eyes.

There are three different means of improving the eyes skin, fat, and/or anatomy of the upper and lower eyelids. 


The upper eyelids are a key culprit producing the appearance of sad and tired eyes.  The fat surrounding the eye itself is lost in the aging process, and this volume loss causes sagging of the skin of the eyebrow area and the upper lid itself. 

Fat transfer is an innovative non-surgical procedure that uses your own fat, harvested from the thigh or buttocks, injected with a microcannula to precisely target areas of fat and bone loss and restore ideal contours of the upper eyelid.  In certain patients, the heaviness of the upper eyelid skin cannot be corrected with non-surgical means. 

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a minor procedure in which a small ellipse of skin is removed from the upper eyelid to improve the eye contour and correct the “heaviness” that can be seen in some eyelids. 


LOWER EYELIDS Unfortunately, the lower eyelids have a wider variety of causes for the signs of aging.  The bone of the lower portion of the orbital rim, the eye socket, loses volume which can change the position of the fat pad beneath the eye, and the fat pad can even become herniated.  The change in the position of the lower eye lid fat produces what we call “bags” under our eyes. In some cases, the skin beneath the eye is the underlying cause of “bags” and wrinkles beneath the eye.  Because this is found to be so prevalent, we created a very unique procedure, the Lower Lid Pinch, to address just the skin beneath the eyes.  It involves using a medication to free the skin from the underlying fat and muscle, allowing us to “pinch” the skin that will be removed and remove a very small ellipse of skin, resulting in a smooth lower eyelid contour. When the goal is to correct the contours of the lower eyelid, we will usually recommend the Trans Lower Lid Blepharoplasty.  This unique procedure uses no visible incision to access and reposition the fat pad of the lower eyelid.  The resulting change in fat position creates a smooth, natural appearance of the eyes.    
Take the first step to learn more. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Boeckmann or Dr. Gangnes.  We will ask you to bring in photos of yourself from your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s so that we can focus on the goal of restoring your youthful appearance. 


  • Fat Transfer
    • Non-surgical
    • Little to no downtime
    • Natural, effective contours
    • Long lasting
  • Thermage Eyes
    • Non-surgical
    • No downtime
    • Great for upper eyelids
  • Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
    • Minor procedure
    • Only local anesthesia needed
    • Corrects tired, sad eyes
  • Trans Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
    • Minor procedure
    • Only local anesthesia needed
    • Excellent correction of “bags”