The consultation is the most important time when considering facial plastic surgery. It is an individualized process that allows the patient not only to relay aesthetic concerns, but to establish comfort with your surgeon.  I like to consider the consultation as a journey I take together with my patients.  It is a learning process for both of us.  I am learning about their goals and concerns and patients learn about the underlying causes of aesthetic concerns and the various options we offer to correct them.

When I consult with new patients I like to have them look into a mirror and I ask them to “Show me what bothers you.”  This process allows us to have an open discussion about their greatest concerns and me the opportunity to explain what is causing the things that “bother” my patient. 

“I use personal photographs of my patients to help define our surgical goals and to provide me an example of the desired outcome.  I use the photos not only during the consultation, but also within surgery as a visual map of what I am going to achieve.” Dr. Jacob Boeckmann

I like my patients to bring in personal photos from younger years to help us identify changes that have occurred in the aging process and more importantly, the photos help to define our goals from a surgical procedure.  If you look to the photos to the left, a mother and daughter comparison with similar features, one thing we notice is the jowl begins to sag on the mother comparing the photos one goal may be to return to the younger image when she didn’t have a sagging jowl.

“My objective is to return what once was when the patient was younger, not to change what is there.” Dr. Jacob Boeckmann

After we have discussed the concerns and underlying causes of those concerns, we have a detailed discussion about the treatment options that will create the greatest improvement.  We will also have a candid discussion about desires, timing, and budget.  The more we discuss during our consultation the more comfortable my patients become, and, the better I am able to provide a service that exceeds expectations.

If you have ever thought about getting a procedure, take the first step and come in for a consultation to become informed and comfortable with the options available.

The best outcomes are in patients that are well informed with realistic expectations.  At FAC our team makes every effort to inform and support our patients throughout the surgical process.  There is a reason we have been voted the Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in Orange County for 11 years.