About Healing and Surgery

One of the fascinating things about the art and science of aesthetic surgery is the variability and individuality of every patient. The art of surgery involves the evaluation and assessment of many different factors specific to each patient’s characteristics; including age, heredity, health issues, environmental factors, and anatomy. The choice of procedures takes into consideration all of these individual characteristics which affect healing along with the patient’s and surgeon’s goals and expectations.

Surgery of any kind carries with it certain risks and with the variation inherent in people, healing is never completely predictable. Despite the fact that complications are very unusual, no guarantees, warranties, or refunds can be made. Fees are paid for the performance of a particular cosmetic procedure and to ensure the safest environment possible in which to perform the surgery, and are not paid to guarantee a particular result. Your surgeons’ goal is to achieve a pleasing, rested, natural, non-surgical appearance. Years of education, training, experience, and a desire to achieve the best result possible for all patients has allowed your surgeon to meet this goal with a high degree of success.

An occasional patient may benefit from a revision surgery within a year of surgery. If needed this is usually a minor procedure. Although a reduced professional fee can be expected, the patient will be responsible for laboratory, anesthesia, medication, and operating room charges.

We believe that an informed patient is paramount to a successful surgical outcome and leads to a happy patient. The information contained in the preoperative packet is provided to give patients some background about the healing process and lengths to which we go to ensure the greatest possibility of safety and success. This is a collaborative effort and requires as much effort on the patients’ part as it does on ours. Although results are never guaranteed, and no warranty exists as to a particular surgical outcome or that the cosmetic treatment will last indefinitely; our consistent, excellent results are due to the combination of these efforts.

We invite your questions and request that you read all of the preoperative material thoroughly. We honor your trust and consider a patient’s confidentiality inviolate. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.