Alissa Stevens, Esthetician and Vocational Nurse

In her spare time: Alissa enjoys all things outdoors, horseback riding, mountain biking, paddleboarding and snowboarding.

Skin care regimen: Alissa loves using Ha5 to help with the overall hydration of her skin and maintaining the skins Ph balance as well as it helps her create more of her own hyaluronic acid throughout the day. If she feels exceptionally dry or if she feels dry post treatments she will apply Vitasoothe to help with the skins lipid production and give it the antioxidants it needs to protect her skin from free radical damage which results in a breakdown of collagen. Lastly, Alissa applies Tizo sunscreen prior to her makeup application and throughout the day . At night she uses Retinol 5x or a exfoliating product to maintain a healthy dermal layer and to help increase her products penetration and absorption.

In the morning: Alissa is not a huge coffee drinker aside from the occasional latte, she tries to stick with mainly herbal teas, along with Omegas, Vitamin C and a healthy protein filled breakfast to kickstart the day.

Alissa Stevens is both a Board Certified Licensed Esthetician and Board Certified Licensed Vocational Nurse who has been practicing in Orange County for over 6 years. Alissa began her medical career with a focus in aesthetics and the belief that the key to being the best possible Esthetician lies in the continuous improvement of her skills in the dynamic field of aesthetics.

Alissa’s passion for skin care and a desire to offer her patients a high level of care as well as more specialized service prompted her to further her medical education with a licensed vocational Nursing Degree from Stanbridge College, where she graduated cum laude at the top of her class. Alissa now uses her achievements in nursing and medical expertise to assist her patients in obtaining their optimal skin care results.

Prior to joining Facial Aesthetic Concepts, Alissa enjoyed working closely with her patients as an esthetician in medical and day spas, while acquiring numerous certifications at the International Dermal Institute, allowing her to master her skills in skin analysis, European facial techniques, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, and electric modalities.

Alissa is truly committed to providing all of her patients with the highest level s of personalized care and leading edge esthetic services available.