Augmentation and Lift

Understanding Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift:

Breast Augmentation surgery can successfully enhance breast volume and correct breast asymmetry which is uneven breast size with the placement of an implant either behind the existing breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle.  There are a couple of choices for the type of breast implant used for your augmentation, saline filled or silicone gel filled.  Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Depending upon the desired size, varying amounts of saline are added to the implant which will affect firmness, shape and feel.  Silicone implants are filled with “gummy bear” consistency elastic gel which moves and feels more like natural breast tissue.  Your surgeon will discuss which options are available to you.  While Breast Augmentation with placement of an implant can improve breast shape, size and projection it does not address changes in breast tissue due to weight loss, childbirth/nursing or signs of aging. These conditions are commonly referred to as breast ptosis or drooping.  If restoring your breasts to a fuller, more youthful and lifted up appearance is desired a breast lift or Mastopexy may be required. This procedure involves tightening the skin of the breast by removing the lax, excess skin and also lifting the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast.  Often times a breast augmentation and breast lift or Mastopexy are performed together depending upon condition of breast tissue and desired outcome.  It may be helpful to bring with you examples from magazines or pictures of breast sizes to help your surgeon understand what your ideal is.  The doctor will examine your breasts and discuss the options best suited for your desired outcome.  Actual placement of incisions will vary from patient to patient and is dependent upon the surgeon’s judgment for each individual.


What to expect after Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift:

After breast surgery, your incisions will be sealed with skin glue.  There may not be any dressing over your incision sites.  Instead, your own front closure soft cup bra will be applied immediately following surgery. The bra will offer support and help to keep the swelling down. Breast surgery patients seldom have drains following surgery. Most breast surgery patients elect not to stay with us overnight and are quite able to go home.  Minor swelling and discomfort are common immediately after breast surgery while bruising may appear after a few days.  Following the post-operative instructions and properly taking all medications will shorten the healing process.  You will have a follow-up appointment in approximately 2-3 weeks. Patients not taking pain medication feel comfortable driving to this appointment. Most patients look and feel ready to return back to desk work in two weeks or less, however; the rate of healing will vary from patient to patient.  If your job responsibilities are more vigorous you may need more time away from work.  Please discuss this with your surgeon.