Dynamic Variable Depth Radio Frequency

DVD RF is similar to NanoFractional, as it involves microneedling with radio frequency. However, the depth of the device changes depending on the recommendations from the medical provider. It can reach depths between 0.5mm to 3.0mm. Since the device can reach deeper into the tissue there can be greater improvement with skin texture and firmness.

The DVD RF procedure is a non-surgical radio frequency treatment designed to tighten the skin.  The device delivers columns of radio frequency energy to targeted tissues, effectively stimulating the healing response in the body to build collagen and elastin.  No discomfort and minimal downtime, this treatment will improve the skin’s texture and leave the skin feeling firmer. It may be combined with IPL (Photofacial) for enhanced results with skin tone.


This minimal downtime procedure is designed to treat various skin conditions and firms the skin.  It improves skin tone and other textural changes, such as fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pore size, photo damage and light scarring from acne. Most patients see improvement after just one treatment, but additional benefits will be seen after multiple sessions. Follow up treatments help maintain your results.