Extended Microlift

The extended microlift (aka S-Lift) is an exceptional minimal downtime treatment option for patients with moderate laxity and sag in the neck, cheek, and areas around the jawline often referred to as the jowls.

The extended microlift, in comparison to a Facelift, is for those patients requiring less treatment, especially in the neck, to achieve rejuvenation. In other words, the extended microlift and the Facelift can achieve the same final results but some patients will require less extensive techniques to meet their aesthetic goals. As a result, the incisions used in our extended microlift is shorter than in our Facelift. Go to our photo gallery to see before and after photos.

The Extended Microlift Procedure in Detail
The extended microlift procedure involves delicate camouflaged incisions. The subtle incisions are needed to gain access to the underlying tissues (or the so-called “muscle layer”) of the skin. It is these sagging weakened tissues that are repositioned and supported to achieve rejuvenation of the neck, jowl and cheek. After fully releasing and re-suspending the underlying tissues (“muscle layer”), the skin is meticulously re-draped into position without tension. Excess skin is removed as needed. Unfortunately, most advertised extended microlift techniques do NOT properly or thoroughly release the underlying tissues (or “muscle layer”), and as a result the procedure takes less time and is advertised as such to entice prospective patients. In other words, our extended microlift is quite different than other advertised extended microlifts.

The extended microlift procedure is very well tolerated with minimal discomfort. The amount of bruising and swelling is minimal and quickly resolves in a matter of 7 to 10 days. The amount of bruising and swelling is minimized by our techniques and our experience in post-surgical management methods. Sutures are routinely removed by the end of one week, and patients are typically out in public with confidence within one to two weeks. Our in-house aestheticians will also provide a complimentary make-up and skin care session to ease the transition into public.