When can I drive?

Varies per procedure, but generally when the patient is not taking pain medications and can see clearly

When can I go back to work?

Some people return to work as early as 12-15 days after surgery, depending upon occupation and the procedure

When can I wear makeup?

  • 5 days after Fractional CO2, when peeling has subsided
  • 7-10 days after TCA peel
  • 3-5 days after eye procedures
  • Other procedures; almost right away

When should I start wearing sunscreen?

  • 3-5 days after a peel or Fractional CO2
  • Right away after any other procedure

How long do I have to sleep on my back?

Sleep with at least 2 pillows on back until all sutures are removed

What food can I eat after surgery?

Soft, bland food with low sodium

When can I color my hair?

One week before surgery, or one month after surgery

When can I start using blow dryers or styling irons?

2 to 3 weeks after surgery in a cool setting

What kind of shampoo can I use after surgery?

  • Clarifying shampoo before surgery
  • Regular shampoo after surgery

How long will bruising last?

Will vary per patient and the activities they do after surgery

How long will swelling last?

Will vary per patient, can be a few days up to 6 months

How long will numbing last?

Will vary per patient, can be a few days up to one year

When can I wear contacts (soft vs hard)?

  • Soft contacts: 10-12 days after
  • Hard contacts: at least 14 days after
  • Right away for patients who didn’t have eye procedures

When will it be okay to travel and be on a plane?

About 10 days after surgery once all the sutures are out

When can I shave (male patients)?

  • Post Fractional CO2 or chemical peel: once the patient is done peeling, after 5-7 days
  • Other procedures: after sutures are out; electric razor recommended

How soon before surgery should I get a haircut (male patients)?

We recommend male patients to let hair grow

When does the drain come out?

Between 4-5 days after surgery