Juvederm & Juvederm Voluma XC

If you want a cosmetic enhancement treatment that helps your skin fight off signs of aging, but leaves you with a natural look, then it’s time to give JUVEDERM filler a try.

At California’s Facial Aesthetic Concepts in Orange County, we offer JUVEDERM filler products along with JUVEDERM for nasolabial folds – the creases that form on skin adjacent to your nose. To learn more about our JUVEDERM products and treatments, contact Facial Aesthetic Concepts today.

JUVEDERM is FDA-approved to bolster volume around your cheeks. This restores contours and you gain a younger-looking facial appearance.

JUVEDERM is well known for its long-lasting results.

Recent studies have shown nearly three quarters of people who have had JUVEDERM treatment said they looked younger than they did before their visit for treatment.

Most in the study reported they looked five years younger than their age! More than 50 percent in the study said they still appeared younger than their age, even two years after their treatments.

JUVEDERM is an injectable gel that boosts volume and gives you a firmer look on your chin and jawline. Many call JUVEDERM treatments a facelift – but without surgery.

Does JUVEDERM Treatment Hurt?

Some people may feel an initial prick during JUVEDERM treatment. But the majority of patients say it is not painful.


JUVEDERM has zero downtime and you can get back to your normal routine right after treatment.

You may want to stop any strenuous workouts for a day after treatment and avoid alcohol and sun exposure for 24 hours.

Some patients experience a bit of tenderness, redness, swelling and itching, but these are temporary side effects.

Will I Look Unnatural?

No. JUVEDERM leaves users looking natural. Facial muscles can move and your face will be as expressive as ever.

Friends and loved ones may comment that you look refreshed and rested. But they probably will have no idea you had any kind of treatment.

Does JUVEDERM Work On Dark Skin?

Yes. It works on all skin colors and types.

Call Facial Aesthetic Concepts today to begin JUVEDERM treatments.

Remember, JUVEDERM fillers can:

• Add volume and maintain hydration.
• Reduce facial lines, folds and wrinkles.
• Boost lip volume.
• Boost cheek volume.
• Restore young-looking contours.
• Revitalize the area around your eyes.
• Make your eyes appear less tired.

JUVEDERM is also a popular and effective method to treat the area underneath your eyes and reduce the appearance of bags.

It will help you lose that hollow look and unwanted dark circles. At Facial Aesthetic Concepts, we use micro-cannulas instead of sharp needles. This decreases your risk of swelling and bruising.


At Facial Aesthetic Concepts, we also offer JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC.

This is the first and only filler that instantly lifts and adds volume to the cheek area – with long lasting results. It also helps correct volume loss and restores youthful contours.

And it has been clinically proven to last up to two years in patients over the age of 21.

For patient comfort, JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC has lidocaine, a numbing agent that helps reduce any pain you may have during the procedure.

Fight the effects of aging, and win, with JUVEDERM products and treatments. Contact Facial Aesthetic Concepts today to regain your youthful look with JUVEDERM fillers.


Volbella is the most recent addition to the Juvederm Collection of Fillers which happens to be have won Allure Magazine’s Breakthrough Award during their 2017 Best of Beauty Awards.

Not only does Volbella give you the desired lip fullness you are looking for, it also softens out the lines around your mouth which gives you that smooth glowing skin.