Nadia Bahash, Medical Esthetician

In her spare time: Nadia enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and the beach (with a proper SPF on of course). She has a passion for being outside and loves to travel when she is able to.

Skin care regimen: Nadia is a firm believer in the GRASS method. Morning and night, she makes sure she incorporates a growth factor, chemical exfoliant, antioxidants, eye cream and SPF. Her favorite products are a toss between the C-stem which a potent anti- aging serum that contains growth factors and antioxidants and the HA5, that is a hydration that leaves her skin feeling smooth and firm.

In the morning: Nadia loves to wake her body up by inverting and doing a headstand for about 60 seconds. She is also an espresso phene and loves to support her local San Clemente coffee shops, and gets a couple shots in daily.

Nadia is a Board Certified Medical Esthetician who has always had a passion for skin care. her journey began at The University of California of San Marcos where she was studying bio-chemistry. After studying the anatomy and changes of the skin, Nadia realized she wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to help teach and develop ways for her patients to transform their skin. Nadia studied her aesthetics course at Salon Success Academy in Corona, California, where she mastered skin analysis, European facial techniques, body waxing, chemical peels, and electric modalities. Nadia was awarded a Certification of Excellence from the Dermal Institute.

Nadia has been a part of the FAC team since 2014. Before joining the team, Nadia practiced as a Medical Assistant for over four years where she developed a love for patient care. Nadia has a firm belief in always continuing her education and staying on top of new and innovative techniques for the skin. She is currently studying at California Baptist University where she plans to finish her Bachelor’s Degree and recently mastered and became Certified in Microblading, allowing her to transforms people’s eyebrows. Nadia’s phenomenal understanding of product ingredients allows her to customize and develop skin care regimens for her patients because she believes that having a solid at home regimen is the key to success.