Browlift Surgery

The signs of aging are unfortunately inevitable, and the beginning signs are often noted in the eye area and the area around.

A commonly overlooked area is the eyebrows. Falling eyebrows can contribute to an unintended sad or tired appearance or a stern, unapproachable appearance. Of utmost importance is the fact that some patients (and surgeons!) overlook the role of falling eyebrows when evaluating the eye area, especially how the lower brow position contributes to excess skin in the upper eyelid. Consequently, the excess skin is removed but the eye continues to look tired, sad and not rejuvenated. That is because the true cause, in some cases, is NOT too much skin in the upper eyelid, but the lower eyebrow position and the loss of volume in the area. Drs. Gangnes and Boeckmann can clearly identify the true cause during the consultation process and recommend the best procedure for you.

In the past, the eyebrow lift (or forehead lift) was an undesirable procedure for a number of reasons. Older techniques used very long incisions placed across the scalp and some incisions were actually placed on the forehead! Additionally the eyebrows were often “pulled” too high or placed in unnatural positions, thereby giving the patient a surprised or “pulled” appearance. At Facial Aesthetic Concepts the procedure is performed endoscopically (much like knee surgery) with the use of lasers, thereby minimizing incisions and reducing the visibility of scars. Our less invasive techniques preserves hair and gives a very natural look and shape to the eyebrows. The procedure can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures and most patients are resuming their daily activities in about 7 to 10 days.