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Rebuild Collagen and Smooth Fine Lines
Boost your results with two synergistic radio frequency treatments, DVD RF (microneedling with radio frequency) and Pelleve. Rebuild collagen, followed

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Facial Aesthetic Concepts is excited to introduce the new Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System with GlideSafe™ technology. Pellevé is the latest FDA-cleared procedure for the safe and effective treatment of facial wrinkles and smoother, tighter facial skin. This is a virtually painless, nonablative and noninvasive procedure with no needles or surgery and involves no social downtime.

Pellevé is a comfortable and pleasurable treatment. It precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radiofrequency technology to induce collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis. This produces immediate skin tightening and firming effects for most patients with a noticeable improvement in skin quality and texture.

Typically one to three sessions are recommended for optimal results, depending on the severity of wrinkles and skin laxity. Many patients see lasting improvements of up to 18 months with a single treatment. Pellevé treatments can be used on all skin types and unlike other treatments, it doesn’t require anesthesia or skin cooling. Pellevé does not cause peeling, bruising or swelling, so patients can resume to normal activities right away with NO social downtime.

Pellevé can be combined with other treatments like Botox, Sculptra, Restylane, Radiesse, and Juvederm for unparalleled results and is an amazing maintenance treatment following Thermage CPT.


Q: How does Pellevé differ from other skin tightening procedures?
A: Medical studies have proven Pellevé to provide safe and effective skin tightening. Since no surgery is necessary, it is considered a non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects and discomfort. Pellevé does not require anesthesia or skin cooling, so there are no social constraints following your appointment.

Q: What should I expect during my Pellevé treatment?
A: The Pellevé handpiece creates a deep warming sensation when applied to the area being treated. To help ensure the best possible results, anesthetics are not required, so you’ll be able to describe the depth of the feeling to your medical provider.

Q: How long does a Pellevé treatment take?
A: The length of your Pellevé treatment will vary per area. It will typically take about 60 minutes for a full facial treatment and will decrease for segmental areas. No extra time is allotted for your treatment since Pellevé doesn’t require anesthesia or downtime, making it easier to fit in your schedule.

Q: What should I expect after my treatment?
A: No downtime is associated with Pellevé. Some patients experience mild swelling and redness, which typically go away within 2 to 24 hours. You can expect to resume to normal activities directly after your treatment and there are no restrictions on applying makeup or being in the sun post-treatment.