Skin Care Products

 At Facial Aesthetic Concepts, we believe the foundation to healthy, youthful skin begins with great products. We have developed a simple tool to ensure that your home care regimen contains all the key components to help you achieve and maintain you skin care goals. That tool is the GRASS method. Each letter of the word GRASS represents an important element that should be present in a comprehensive skin care regimen. Below we have provided a breakdown of each category and some of our favorite products that fit within them.

Growth Factor: Human or plant-based biostimulators that improve skin function, stimulate collagen production and repair the skin through it’s natural functions.

TNS Essential Serum  $281.00

TNS Recovery Complex  $179.00

C-Stem  $110.00

Firming & Lifting Neck Cream  $75.00

Restorative Moisturizer  $66.00


Retinols & Other Exfoliants: chemical exfoliation helps shed dead cells from the surface, revealing smoother, brighter skin while stimulating collagen and new cell production

Retinol Complex 0.5 & 1.0 $78.00/$93.00

Retinol Smoothing Serum 5x & 10x  $73.50/$84.00

Lytic Tx & Lytic Sport Tx  $54.00/$56.00

AHA Marine Moisture Cream  $55.00

Salicylic Exfoliator  $39.90

10% & 20% Treatment Pads  $26.50/$32.00

Dual Action Toner $25.00

Gly-Sal Pads  $19.00


Antioxidants: help protect the skin from free-radicals that breakdown collagen & elastin and cause premature aging.

HA5  Rejuvenating Hydrator  $178.00

Neova Crème de la Copper  $106.00

Vit. C Gel 20%  $98.00

Triple Antioxidant Cream  $73.50

Ultra Benefits  $70.00

Multi-Complex Crème  $65.00

Triple Fortified Moisturizer  $24.00


Specialty Products: target and  treat unique individual concerns like hyperpigmentation, breakouts, puffy eyes, etc.

Lytera 2.0 $154.00

Clarisonic Mia & Smart Profile $129.00/$199.00

TNS Eye Repair  $102.00

Restorative Hand Cream  $19.00

Retinol Eye Cream  $75.00

Even Tone Pads  $54.00

Ultra Firming Eye Cream  $50.00

Pumpkin Clarifying Mask $35.00

Lip Benefits  $27.00

Acne Spot Treatment  $25.00

Overnight Spot Treatment $24.00

Restorative Hand Cream  $19.00

Benzaderm 5% Gel  $13.50


Sun Protection:  protects from UV radiation that causes skin discoloration, breaks down collagen and elastin and can lead to skin cancer.

Daily Replenishing SPF 30  $50.00

Replenishing Sunblock SPF 36  $49.00

GlowTime BB Cream SPF 25  $48.00

Powder Me SPF 30  $45.50

Neova DNA Damage Control SPF 40  $45.00

Amazing Base Loose Powder SPF 20  $44.00

Tinted Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+  $43.00

PurePressed Powder Refill SPF 20  $42.00

TiZO SPF 40  $39.50

UV Pure SPF 47  $26.00

Daily Solar Defense SPF 30  $18.00

TiZO Liptect Treatment SPF 45  $9.50


*we also carry Jane Iredale makeup and many more highly recommended skin care products.