Our patients say it best! Read about the great experiences of patients that came to us for facelifts, body contouring, blepharoplasty, laser treatment, Botox, Facials and more!

Dear Dr. Boeckmann,
Approximately 10 days ago you did some Restylane injections beneath my eyes, and I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job! It is exactly what I had hoped to achieve: totally not noticeable, except smoother and less old/tired looking circles.   I was extremely nervous about doing anything to my face, but you achieved perfectly natural looking results.
Thank you so much.  (Not so bad turning 65 with your help!)

Dear Dr. Gangnes,

I don’t worry about wrinkles because I have the best plastic surgeon around. It has been almost a year (5/24/06) since my surgery and it has been a wonderful year. From the day I walked into your office you made me feel very comfortable and good about myself. A few weeks ago you removed a little bump from under my chin.  I love the results. I am so happy and thankful to you.  Your staff is wonderful and I love coming to the office for facials and to buy my products. Thank you, thank you.

Your Happy Patient

Dear Dr. Gangnes,

My mom and I wanted to say “thank you” for your kindness and generosity. We feel very blessed to have found you.

Thank you for always greetings us with a smile, listening to our concerns and making every effort to ease them. You always make us feel special and you always show that you really care for all your patients.

You are not only a great doctor, but a great artist and a really nice person! The world is a better place cause you are in it.

Thank you, thank you


Dear Dr. Gangnes:

I can not thank you enough. The results of my temple lift and micro-lift are amazing! Before the surgery, I knew I wanted the laxity eliminated from my face but I was so fearful of getting that pulled look or windblown look. But the results are fabulous. I just look 10 years younger, but not unnatural. I could not be more pleased.

You are truly the greatest!

Dear Dr. Gangnes & Gals,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have all been so kind and supportive, making this “journey” so positive. I really do feel pretty. Even without makeup and all the bruises. Maybe it is partly the swelling – hope some stays 🙂

Dr. Gangnes you are such a gentle man and truly an artist. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how much you cared for me. You office staff and nursing staff show you have chosen with care.

Love you all,

Dear Dr. Gangnes:

You are brilliant! I was very much impressed with how simple you made the procedure appear yet you achieved such natural results.

It was quite evident how professional, knowledgeable, and competent you (and your staff) are.

I cant thank you enough.

For all your gentle and good care this past week.


Dear Dr. Gangnes and the OR staff,

Thank you for taking care of me the day of my surgery and after. This was a big decision for me, and Im so happy I did it! Dr. Gangnes, I look fabulous! I keep hearing its the best nose Ive ever seen. Your work is excellent. Thank you!

Dear Sharon,

I want you to know how happy I am with the fillers and Botox treatment that you did on my face.  I just love how I look…so much better!

Thank you very much!

Thanks to everyone at FAC for the wonderful experience of facial surgery! I’ve never had actual surgery…oh well, tonsils, but nothing like this. It was pretty frightening when I woke up and even more so the next few days, but here I am (9) nine days later and I am very pleased with my decision.

Everyone I had contact with at FAC was kind, informative and enthusiastic.

Dr. Gangnes and Staff,

Thank you for taking care of me and my “mole” and for being so generous to do at ins costs if any. I was overwhelmed, and didn’t know if I heard correctly, so didn’t know what to say at the time. 🙁

So, thank you so much for your kindness. It wont go unheeded, as I will pass on your kindness to me to others.

You and your staff are warm and welcoming, and I felt comfortable as I knew I was in good hands and cared for.

I truly appreciate your care and call. Have a wonderful holiday season.

To Dr. Gangnes and Staff,

This is a note to those who were hands on with me during my facial surgery process. Thanks to the gal who watched me like a hawk overnight. Every time I stirred, she was on alert. A very nice person as well. Thanks to the one who gently removed my staples, washed hair etc. I appreciated your caring attitude. (I tried to get these names from the office but no luck and I didn’t remember. Sorry.) Thanks to Nikki at Rancho who did my facial. What a treat and what a sweetheart of a person. I know the anesthesiologist was looking out for my well being during the entire surgery. Thank you! Thank you Dr. Gangnes, for providing the good experience of the overnight stay, products and vitamins, facial and people at the front desk who answered my questions when I would call – all adding up to a class act!  Thank you as well for the courtesy pricing on several items. Very nice! We all like to “save.” Then I want to thank you for your innovative mind and your skills as a surgeon from which I have greatly benefited. My only beef is that I can’t get away with telling everyone that I have found a great new face cream. I am more than happy with the results. To my credit, I chose well!

With much appreciation,

Dear Dr. Gangnes,

Let me begin by saying that all that I had heard about you as a doctor have come out true once again!  I am really glad to have been fortunate to have had a sensitive surgery performed by you. One that could make or break the first thing that distinguishes us as people…my face. My recovery is coming along fine, although I still have some swelling and marks around the area you operated on. I will send photos as soon as swelling goes down. I thank you for the satisfaction I receive from knowing that I have been in the care of the best in the field. Next time in San Clemente, I will make an appt. (maybe Christmas). I also want to compliment you on your staff – So Professional and caring – they certainly reflect you and your integrity.

If I ever need any other surgery similar to this past, you will certainly hear from me. P.S. thank your for the lovely bag. I just love it and all the goodies inside!

God bless

Aloha Dr. Gangnes,

I am really thrilled with the fat transfer magic you performed on my face! The brow bone temple procedure gave me my converse back and the cheek fat lifted the nasolabial crease out for the most part … really amazing. I just want to say thank-you for the excellent outcome and my second fantastic experience at your practice. The contours are spot on and I appreciate how careful you are to achieve a natural outcome.

I had a microneck lift on October 10, 2013. The results have been amazing!I just want to say thank you to everyone in the office – from the front office, their kindness and respect for patients. My nurses, Kristi, Kim and Rosa could not have been more caring and attentive and sweet and kind. I thank you so much for putting me at ease. And of course Dona and Dr. Anderson. Dr. Ganges is the best!

– Anonymous

Dear Dr. Gangnes: I wanted to thank you so much for taking such good care of me, before, during, and after my surgery. Your professionalism and kindness made all the difference.

– T.B.

Dear Dr. Gangnes and Staff: Thank you for everything you did for me concerning all sorts of facial procedures. I am so very pleased and will be happy to recommend you to everyone I know.

– C.A.

Dear Dr. Gangnes – Thank you for my wonderful treatment. While God restores my soul, you restored my face and arms.

– L.M.

Dear Fabulous Dr. G. and all your amazingly wonderful staff: Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me over the last several months! Every time I come to your office, I feel the warmth, friendliness, and caring from everyone there, plus I receive expertly handled treatment. In short, I feel like a queen! Huge thanks to you all and no wonder you’re #1 in Orange County!!

– K.A.

I am so excited to look refreshed!!!

– Patti

I can not thank you enough. The results of my temple lift and micro-lift are amazing! Before the surgery, I knew I wanted the laxity eliminated from my face but I was so fearful of getting that “pulled look or windblown look”. But the results are fabulous. I just look 10 years younger, but not unnatural. I could not be more pleased. You are truly the greatest!

– Anonymous

Dear Dr. Gangnes, once again, you have done an excellent job and I’m very happy with the result. You and your staff are at the top of your profession. Starting with Brandy’s efficiency and helpfulness at the reception desk, to meeting Erin and being greeted with a big smile and all the information. I felt like a special person instead of just another patient.

– Anonymous



Dear Dr. Gangnes:I want to acknowledge you for your care in answering all our questions and providing a very comfortable and comforting experience. That same level of caring, providing information extends to all the staff with whom I interacted. Rosanna & Veronica were both wonderful & gentle, but explained all that they were doing when they removed the stitches. Erin is a very professional warm person. She was straight forward, clear & fun to talk to. She along with Rosanna, Veronica & Nurse Sullivan helped me feel comfortable & at ease, both before & after & during the procedure. In closing, I think you are great and want to thank you for a beautiful face. You are brilliant!

– Anonymous


Darcy did my lip enhancement with Restylane and I want to tell her how great of a job she did. This was my first time and I will definitely come back to her. She took her time explaining everything to me and kept me informed during the procedure. Since she only saw the immediate results, I want to let her know that now the swelling is down and they are perfect! It came out better than I imagined and still looks natural. People just think I’ve done my makeup different.:) I will gladly refer anyone that wants this done. I guess I’ll be back in about 6 months myself. Thank you!!!

– Anonymous

Dear Dr. Gangnes,I am deeply grateful to you for your willingness to listen to my desire to look rested verses thirty years younger. You then offered options for me to achieve my goal and honestly evaluated/collaborated with me on the right solution combining laser surgery as well as fat injections. The results have been more lovely than I could have imagined.I was originally nervous and unconvinced. After meeting with you I realized that not only are you brilliant, you are genuine. Your offered honesty and sought to empower me with educating me so I could critically think and hence make a good decision on what would be the best approach to achieve my goal. Thank you for your time, gifted surgical hands of healing and wise counsel. Thank you for your leadership in training each of your medical and support staff so they are able to provide superior care. I honestly did not expect such excellence. Beginning with consultations, next the wonderful nurses before surgery and anesthesiologist Dr. Schneider – who not only explained what would happen but also allowed me to pray before he put me under which is my last conscious thought. Next waking up to a considerate, conscientious nurse who cared for me as if I were her sister. Calling Dr Truong to ensure my blood sugars were going well. She also showed such kindness but also hourly checked my sugar and kept a log.Each nurse went the extra mile whether answering a question, gently removing stitches or providing the right sunscreen.It is NOT EASY to find individuals who ALL seek excellence in their actions, are honorable in behavior and represent you so well.All these details represent your character, you superior skill as a surgeon, a doctor and a practitioner. Thank you for giving me a great experience and great results. I am humbled and grateful.

– Anonymous