As a leader in facial cosmetic services, Facial Aesthetic Concepts seeks the latest procedures to help you achieve the youthful look you want. The most recent addition to our family of advanced techniques is ThermiTight, a painless, micro-invasive procedure that uses injectable radiofrequency energy – the science of heat – to reduce the appearance of sagging skin on the neck and jowls.

ThermiTight is a safe, effective procedure that works by delivering precisely controlled thermal energy under the skin to the targeted tissue, causing immediate shrinkage. ThermiTight tightens skin, stimulating collagen production and reducing fat. Dramatic results are usually achieved after just one treatment.

ThermiTight is perfect for patients who want a tighter neck and jowls but do not want surgery. The recovery time for ThermiTight is very short when compared to surgery in the same area and it provides natural-looking results.

ThermiTight’s advantages include:

• Convenience – ThermiTight is performed in our office
• Time-saving – Typically takes less than one hour
• Comfortable – There is minimal discomfort and downtime, so you can usually return to your normal activities in a matter of hours.
• Long-lasting – Results improve over time, and the effects have been shown to last several years.

If you want more results than other non-invasive procedures but do not want surgery, call today and ask if you are a candidate for ThermiTight.

For a free ThermiTight consultation, call Facial Aesthetic Concepts at (888) 744-1828, or complete the form to the right.