Tummy Tuck

An Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove excess loose sagging skin and fat in the abdominal area, creating a tighter and smoother abdomen. Optimal candidates for this procedure are those who are in good physical health and have one or more of the following concerns:

  • Excess loose skin in the abdominal area
  • The abdomen area seems out of proportion to the rest of the body and in some cases protrudes
  • Muscles and skin in the abdomen area have been weakened by pregnancy and/or aging.
  • Abdominal area is unresponsive to a healthy diet and exercise.

After the procedure, you can expect to see a flatter, less bulging abdomen with tighter skin. Although there is currently no good treatment for stretch marks, an abdominoplasty removes skin from the lower abdomen so the stretch marks on this area will be discarded with the skin. The remaining skin on the abdomen is pulled down to meet the bikini-line incision. The incision must extend as far out to the side as skin excess is present, so that it generally passes from hip to hip. The placement of the incision is partially based on personal preference. When a C-section scar is present, it can often be used as the incision site, elongating the incision on each side.

There are many types of abdominoplasties and body lifts, from mini to extended. Dr. Aly has pioneered surgical techniques in reconstructing the body following massive weight loss. Through his extensive experience in the field of body contouring, he has lectured all over the country in addition to writing the first procedural textbook on cosmetic bariatric surgery. This surgery, called the beltplasty or body lift, involves making an incision circumferentially around the waist. This approach corrects excess fat and skin in the trunk of the body and will address the abdomen, lower back, groin, inner thigh, flanks or “love handles”, and buttocks as well improve a dimpled, irregular skin surface, commonly known as cellulite. On the other end of the spectrum is the “mini” procedure. The “mini” abdominoplasty is performed for patients who do not want the length of the scar but want some of the results of the abdominoplasty versus only liposuction. The scar is typically 4” long and is just above the pubic area.

The abdominoplasty surgery may take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours under general anesthesia. All sutures are placed internally; there are no external sutures. Dr. Aly’s technique is unique in that the procedure is drainless. Rather than inserting an uncomfortable drain near the incision to collect fluids post-operatively, the tissues are pinned in such a way that fluid does not build up in the area. This technique has improved the experience of the patients as well as shortening recovery time. After surgery, most patients wake feeling groggy and tired. Patients undergoing the mini and regular abdominoplasty are required to stay overnight at the Surgicenter under an RN’s supervision. Mild to moderate discomfort is expected yet can be alleviated by prescription medication for 4-7 days. During the postoperative period, patients will be asked to wear an abdominal binder to support the area and decrease swelling. After a few weeks, they may convert to a girdle type of compression for support. Most patients will take 2 weeks to return to desk work, however there is no period of enforced bed rest. Patients are encouraged to bed out of bed during the first day.

The abdominoplasty involves rejoining the abdominal muscles which have been stretched apart by pregnancy and/or weight gain